The Farm

Build it and they will come

About Knotty Pine Farms

Knotty Pine Farms (KPF) is the home of Kim and Floyd Baldwin and their three children. KPF is more than just a home for the Baldwin family, it is a place of healing. Healing for the mind, body and spirit.

The 64-acre farm is filled with flowers, gardens, pastures, animals, water and trails that are designed to tap into the services of visitors in order to reconnect them with not only nature, but also their inner beauty.

At Knotty Pine Farm our motto is “A Place to Grow” because it is our belief that in order to live a healthier life, one must nurture the mind, body and spirit. The first step to healing and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit is through loving thyself. One must love thyself on the inside before you can externally love outwardly.

At Knotty Pine Farms our hope is that visitors will connect to themselves and feel the love that the land and the Baldwins have to offer.