The Rose

Find Your Inner Beauty

Almost 20 years ago a dream was born in the hearts of Kim and Floyd where people, plants and animals could all grow and reconnect through the energy of love.

Sometimes pulling weeds from the garden can help pull “weeds” from the mind. It’s a way of connecting to the Earth, while also turning inward and reflecting on your own existence. This allows growth and peace to enter your life.

The Baldwin family truly believes they are just stewards of the land and that everyone who comes to KPF has input on what the farm can be, and what it should be. The farm is ever-evolving and changing just like the environment. Much of the same can be said for our visitors, who we hope are experiencing change in their own lives by having experienced the farm.

Our vision has always been to help people discover their inner beauty through arts, nature, animals and other people. It’s about bringing Heaven to Earth for our guests. God gives us the ability to create all that our hearts desire and our family’s desire is to share the piece of Heaven, that we have been entrusted to manage, with anyone who wishes to connect with their inner and outer beauty.

Our mission is to help you stop and smell the roses along life’s many paths.